The Architect's Favourite: alkus all-plastic Facing in all MEVA Formwork Systems

You will find the alkus all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing in all MEVA formwork systems. It is our leading standard in all rental fleets. And it enables you to deliver a first-class concrete finish first time, every time. Regardless of the number of pours. Clean the panels on site for a better finish, repair the facing using the identical material and use less release agent for a smooth concrete surface. 

Features  & Benefits
Guide to Architectural Concrete

Features & Benefits

Formed Concrete Surfaces and Architectural Concrete

Architects all over the world have re-discovered concrete as a creative material for building landmarks. MEVA is actively involved in international standards and guidelines commissions for developing and implementing reliable guidelines for concrete pours that aim at a clear definition of the desired surface finish. 

  • Research on architectural concrete conducted by a consortium of research organisations and MEVA that resulted in the guideline publication "Guide to Architectural Concrete" with MEVA as co-author. The research investigated the interaction between concrete, facing and release agent and the impact on formed concrete surfaces in architectural projects.   
  • The American Concrete Institute Committee 347 - Formed Concrete Surfaces
  • The American Concrete Institute Committee 303 - Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete

We are at the forefront of developments and are proud of being industry partners to specialists in this field. Whenever you face architectural demands, consult with us. We'll find an answer. 

Involve us as Your Partner for Superior Concrete Finish

Quoting, tendering, planning on projects that require special concrete finishes? Ask us. We can help and support you in coordinating with architects, developers and designers. We support you when it comes to feasibility studies, technical consultation and planning, even with special designs for exceptional geometries. And we support you in achieving the exceptional with pre-shaped alkus facing in combination with standard panels. 

MEVA Systems for Architectural Projects

  • All MEVA wall formwork systems, especially the wall system Mammut 350 with its symmetrical tie-hole and joint pattern 
  • MevaDec slab formwork for clearly structured slab finishes
  • Circular column formwork Circo and column formwork CaroFalt for columns
  • Circular formwork Radius with clear tie-hole and joint pattern, like the Mammut 350
  • Special designs with alkus all-plastic facing sheets welded together
  • Special designs in steel, e.g. for column heads
  • Custom-made specially designs, e.g. with Circo panels specially formed for unusual geometries
  • Special designs using wooden lattice constructions and alkus all-plastic facing sheet

Guide to Architectural Concrete

The Guide to Architectural Concrete 

This book is exactly what it claims to be: a guide and help to all involved in architectural concrete – a complex and expansive field looked at from many different angles. The approach is all-encompassing, ranging from the initial drawing to the final finish. 

Some Highlights of the Guide’s Contents:

  • A Challenge: Architecture and Concrete
  • Designing and specifying architectural concrete (including contractual matters, samples and protective measures)
  • Achieving results and identifying limitations early on
  • Research, development and experience gained in practice
  • Interaction and behaviour of concrete, concrete surface, facing and formwork
  • Concrete pressure and early stripping 

An checklist guides users with a systematic approach through all questions, challenges and steps of achieving top results in architectural concrete. The Guide to Architectural Concrete can be ordered from the German BauVerlag publishing house. The ISBN is: 978-3-7625-3637-6 or directly from alkus AG for only 24,90 € plus postage. 

Guide to Architectural Concrete

Architectural References

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