Slab Formwork MevaDec

MevaDec: The All-in-One Slab Formwork

The slab formwork system MevaDec is the efficient, flexible, hand-set slab solution crane-independent use. Suitable for any slab - with integrated facing in panels or seperate facing sheet. It allows you to change forming direction, since it has no fixed grid. 

1 System, 3 methods, for any slab:

  1. Drop-head - beam - panel method with early stripping
  2. Panel method (without beams
  3. Primary and secondary beam method with loose facing for compensation areas
Features & Benefits
Systematic Labour Saving
Complementary systems
Technical data

Features & Benefits

One system - three methods

Drop-head-beam-panel method

Support: Primary beams and props with drop heads

  • Simple assembly and stripping, low learning curve and shorter assembly time

Grid-free placing and moving (in millimeter precision) of panels in primary beam, over and beyond drop head

  • Simple, grid-free adaptation to building geometries

Free changing of forming direction

  • Improved safety, avoids assembly errors, avoids superfluous props, fewer parts

Number of props determined by the System  

  • Few props required

Primary-and-secondary-beam method

Support: Primary beams and props with drop heads

  • Free choice of facing to best match the slab’s geometry

Separate facing placed on primary and secondary beams

  • Primary and secondary beams support separate facing

Free placing/moving of secondary beams in primary beams

  • Very few props required


Without primary and secondary beams

  • Ideal for buildings with small slab areas where early stripping is not required

Just two parts: panel and prop with prop head

  • Small inventory, simple handling

One prop head for all uses, fits corners and edges; also used to support the cross stiffener

System components

Panel width 40, 60, 80 and 160 cm; panel length 80 cm and 160 cm; frames made of closed 2-chamber aluminium hollow profiles with high-quality annealed powder coating

  • Simple adaptation in 20 cm increments – compensations are always less than 20 cm

Primary and secondary beam

  • Stable and torsion-proof, for stepless change of direction

Prop with drop-head allows for early Stripping

  • Less inventory through repeated re-use

Early Stripping

Lowering of primary and secondary beam through drop head system with uplift protection of primary beams

  • Easy and fast, reduces assembly Errors
  • Beams are held securely and cannot fall down
  • Reduces wear and tear, improves safety

Drop head lowers by 19 cm

  • Fast, easy Stripping

Props remain as reshores / backpropping

  • Safety and very short cycles

Panels and beams are ready for re-use in next cycle

  • Less inventory, simple handling, cost-saving

Up to 34 cm thick slabs achievable with primary beam 210.
Up to 44 cm thick slabs achievable with primary beam 160.

  • Fewer props leave more space for easy working
  • Only 0,27 props per m² with primary beam 210 (stand. appl.)
  • Only 0,35 props per m² with primary beam 160 (stand. appl.)

Separate facing

All-plastic facing alkus

  • No re-facing, consistently superior concrete finish, easy cleaning using high-pressure washer up to 1000 bar
MevaDec Deckenschalung Fallkopf-Träger-Element-Methode
Drop-head-beam-panel method
MevaDec Deckenschalung Haupt- und Nebenträger-Methode
Primary-and-secondary-beam method
MevaDec Deckenschalung Element-Methode



MevaDec requires only two prop heads for all three methods: the drop head and the prop head.

Easy handling

Easy handling

The panel all have an ergonomic grip profile, making it easy to pick up and carry them, even when wet. Shown here, the large format 160 x 160 cm panel.

Simple, effective solution

Simple, effective solution

Simple, effective solution for filler areas and beams. Comprehensive solutions for all slabs available from the MEVA prop range, shoring systems, load towers and safety access.



Carriage for moving MEP shoring towers under very high slabs

40 % less inventory

40 % less inventory

Fewer parts and early stripping can reduce formwork inventory by up to 40 %. This saves time and labour for handling and logistics.



Complementary systems

  • MT 60 Shoring Tower System

    Safety Built-in from A to Z. MT 60 is compatible with the MevaDec slab formwork system.

  • Fall protection SpanSet: saves time and effort

    Worker protection when assembling MevaDec slab formwork from above.

  • MEVA Stair Tower MTT

    Safety for all concrete works up to a height of 90 m. Stand-alone option or attached to the building structure.

  • Shoring Tower Space: High and Stable

    Safety, working platform and formwork platform for high pours. Takes the pour load, so no additional propping necessary. Square basic dimension of 480 cm, height: 300 cm, extension units of 50 cm and 100 cm.

  • The MEVA Prop Series EuMax

    MEVA props EuMax for slab formwork covering the entire range form 250 to 550 cm. The series' advantage: safety and high quality.

  • MEP: The Modular Shoring System

    MEVA shoring tower MEP - the modular system for safety and heavy loads at heights up to 21 m. Functions as premium safety working platform.

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